Who We Are
NACCE was founded in 2002. The organization held its inaugural conference in 2003 and has held annual national conferences each year since. It became a membership organization in early 2006.

NACCE fosters economic development by serving as the hub for the dissemination and integration of knowledge and successful practices regarding entrepreneurship education and student business incubation.

As a membership association, NACCE helps community colleges nationwide link their traditional role of workforce development with entrepreneurial development. The result is innovative programs and courses that advance economic growth and prosperity in the communities served by the colleges.

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Vision Statement

Creating economic vitality through entrepreneurship

Mission Statement

To foster economic vitality for local communities and the nation by supporting and advancing our members in entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial leadership at the community college level.

About Entrepreneurship Education at Community Colleges

The U.S. has 1,195 public, private and tribal community colleges and 11.5 million students are enrolled in these schools. These students represent 46% of all U.S. undergraduates and 41% of first-time freshmen.1

The field of entrepreneurship education first emerged in the 1970's, with the first courses at community colleges starting in the early 70's.

Entrepreneurship education programs at community colleges have two student types: students enrolled in the formal education system and the "out of school' potential and existing business owners.

1 American Association of Community Colleges

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