Friday, April 23, 2010

Defining Entrepreneurship

Join the Conversation!

The lead article ( in the Spring/Summer issue of Community College Entrepreneurship is the start of a dialogue we hope to have with NACCE members about how NACCE defines entrepreneurship and what this definition means in the context of community colleges. As the article states, it is important to have an agreed-upon definition when we are speaking with public and private funding sources, members of our respective communities, small business owners and entrepreneurs, students and other key constituencies.

We have set up this blog as a forum where you can share your thoughts on this topic. We’d appreciate your feedback on these questions:

Do you agree/disagree with NACCE’s definitions of entrepreneurship?

• That distinctions do you draw between the other words we defined in the article, including entrepreneur, self-employed/small business owner, intrapreneur, entrepreneurial?

• What are the implications of these definitions for community college administrators and for faculty?

• What are the implications of these definitions for the curriculum, including credit and non-credit Entrepreneurship programs and cross-curriculum offerings related to entrepreneurship?

• What are the implications of these definitions for the development of services offered at business or entrepreneurship centers on community college campuses?

• How will having a shared definition of entrepreneurship aid NACCE members in attracting attention–and funding–to support entrepreneurship education at the community college level?

• How are community colleges going to innovate to provide an educational experience that serves these definitions of entrepreneurship?

Please share your comments below. The journal article is meant to only be the beginning of this conversation. Please let your fellow NACCE members know your opinions on this important topic. We look forward to a lively discussion!